Final Fantasy Z

Chapter 13 - Light in the Darkness

After resting briefly, the heroes crept back to the Guildhall, where they:

(1) Got prepared to go to the Temple and raid that shit.

(2) Had the guild prepare horses for the raid and to be ready so they could escape the city, that was now out looking for their blood.

(3) After getting ready, the party had Core use the Warp spell to get them out of town and to their horses.

(4) The heroes rode for almost a solid day north to the temple. Along the way, they ran through Hightower Tor, which had been taken over by ghouls, which they cleared as they ran through.

(5) The heroes rode to the Temple, and raided it. Inside, they fought through a small legion of undead lizard folk, and humanoids from the Dark world, that could fade into the shadows at will.

(6) Inside the main altar room, they fought a wizard of the Shadow people, and its bodyguard, an undead half dragon.

(7) In the altar room, they found the Dusk Lord’s Passage; a way into the Dark World, where Garland had taken Princess Sara in order to sacrifice her to break open the veil between the worlds. (They also learned that all the demons and creatures that came from that world here, had to have somebody sacrificed in the Light World.)

(8) Inside the Dark world, the heroes made their way through the Dark Palace; a place shrouded completely in shadow, high above a never ending ocean of darkness.

(9) All the creatures of the Dark World could meld into the shadows, and was quite difficult to defeat, but the heroes pressed on.

(10) They finally made it to the main fortress, where Garland was, and stormed it, slaying many guards, including the Mezzoloth guarding the door; its final words being a cry out: DESPAYR!!

(11) As they go up to the door, a massive shadow dragon(Depayr) landed and faced them. Hanu had been having visions of this beast early on in their adventure into the world of Darkness, and faced the creature, ultimately slaying it, as it muttered its dying words: Dovahkiin.

(12) The soul of the beast was torn asunder from the beast and Hanu absorbed it into himself. Not sure what just happened, the heroes knew they had to press on.

(13) Inside the final chamber, the heroes crossed a bridge, where Tazok was waiting to stop them, as they began to fight him, Kivan(who had been following them for a while) Came out to help the fight and avenge his wife. Tazok was slain, and his body cast off the bridge into the darkness below.

(14) In the final conflict with Garland, the heroes found themselves pushed to their limits, as the dark knight’s power was immense. As the battle came to its climax, Hanu faced Garland, and realized what the power of the dragon was, when he shouted out a word both familiar and alien to him “FUS”, and a wave of power shot from his mouth, knocking the knight down, where the others were able to finish him.

(15) With Garland dead, the heroes saved Princess Sara. They were also greeted by Gilius Thunderhead, a powerful dwarf, who had been watching them for quite some time, and who revealed himself as the Chosen of Bahamut, and that they were the Light Warriors and that their destinies were entwined with the fate of the world.

(16) On a hunch from Zion and with the encouragement of Gilius, Princess Sara sang the ancient song of the Cetra on her family lute that Garland had taken with him, and the heroes were transported back outside to the Light World and in front of the temple.

(17) Gilius said his farewells, and that he would meet them again some day, he warned that Reis must not let the darkness inside him consume him, and that they should follow their hearts and continue on, and that Bahamut will be waiting for when they are ready.


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