Final Fantasy Z

Episode 10 - Midsummer Festival

The heroes made their way into the Midsummer Festival.
Here they:

(1) Bought new supplies and gear

(2) Dealt with a sudden ambush assault on the crowd by wererats

(3) After that, Ghouls attacked from behind a pavilion that was running the play; “Loveless.”

(4) The heroes then went on to investigate the White Mage’s Guild.

(5) They discovered that the White Mage’s Guild had been taken over by Dopplegangers; creatures from the Shadow Realm that had not been in this world since the Age of Chaos.

(6) They found that the White Mage’s Guild had a portal to the Shadow Realm in their basement that was malfunctioning, and would destroy most who went through it, but would taint those who lived with the power of Darkness. (Reis was one of those who survived.)

(7) In the Basement, they found that the White Mage’s Guild was shipping people out through a shipping lane, and after killing the shipper; they found a map on him to the Temple of Chaos.

(8) Eventually, they got some authorities to help them uncover the other dopplegangers, allowing them to finish off the cult that had taken over, with the law on their side.(for once)

(9) Having survived their ordeals, the heroes decided to help out the investigation of the wererat attacks as well, and ended up in the sewers, fighting off hordes of wererats that had been building up a massive smuggling ring.

(10) Next they went to the Black Mage’s Guild, outside of the place they met Core, a powerful Black Mage who warned them of the suspicious nature of the tower.

(11) The heroes began their raid of the tower, and managed to save Aleina; Protector of the Shrine of Light, who had been kidnapped by the cult to have her brainwashed by the Brain in the Jar.

(12) As they climbed the tower, they were nearly destroyed by a Clay Golem at the top of the tower, along with the Head Mistress of the New Black Mage’s Guild Cult.
If not for the timely involvement of Core, the heroes may have perished then and there.

(13) After surviving their the Black Mages ordeal, the heroes go to the Inn to rest up and talk with Aleina.

(14) Soon after, the summoning bell is rung, that King Steve of Coneria wishes to address the public.

(15) The heroes go to the announcement, to learn that Garland is now to be Knight Protector of the Realm, and that the Temple of Light is to be disbanded, and the festival is to be cancelled at once, and all caravans and pavilions are to be gone by nightfall or they will be destroyed. After this, he declares martial law, and demons appear to help enforce these new laws.


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