Final Fantasy Z

Episode 11 - Siege of Coneria

After gathering back at Zion’s Guildhall, the heroes made plans to invade Coneria Castle and stop the king.

(1) The gathered up, Elle the Red Mage, Biggs and Wedge(Guards who turned over to them after the new laws), Core the Black Mage, Aleina; Protector of the Light, and the Head of the Temple of Light.

(2) They divided into two teams. Group A would go through the sewers to sneak into the castle, while Group B distracted the forces on the outside.

(3) After sneaking through the sewers, the heroes came into the castle with Elle and Core at their side, and found themselves facing a legion of bugbears, orcs and demons, along with possessed human guards.

(4) After cutting their way through the beasts, they got to the entrance to the upper floors, where Elle and Core stayed behind to hold off the hordes of demons that came pouring after them.

(5) At the top floor, the heroes ran into Reis in the throne room. It was revealed that he now worked for the Shadow Lord, Garuda.

(6) Garuda appeared and proceeded to beat the piss out of the group to have them imprisoned and executed in the public to make an example of them.


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