Final Fantasy Z

Episode 12 - Jailbreak

After waking up in the castle dungeon, the heroes:

(1) Busted out with the help of a Red Mage named Aryn, who got imprisoned without them knowing she was a Red Mage, and cast sleep on the guard during a transfer, and stole the keys, releasing the other prisoners.

(2) The heroes then proceeded to make their break, grabbing torches and gear from the down guard, and fighting their way out.

(3) AS they were escaping, they searched the cells, and found and released Elle, Core, Biggs and Wedge.

(4) They broke out to the upper levels, where Zion scouted ahead and ran into Reis, who now had a lab in the castle.

(5) Reis talked some shit, but helped Zion out who had been poisoned a while earlier.

(6) After regrouping with the others, Zion lead the rest up to Reis lab, where he was now absent, but they found alot of their taken gear from imprisonment.

(7) The heroes continued on and broke out of the castle through the front gates, facing a Minotaur Lord, barely surviving, but ultimately helped by the arrival of a summon Kirin(wonder who did that) buying the heroes time to slay the beast and escape.

(8) After escaping into the city, the heroes then broke back into the sewers in a bid to come back around and into the castle once more.

(9) Biggs and Wedge left while in the sewers to return to the guildhall for help, while the others went up into the castle for a final assault.

(10) The heroes slayed the demons in their way and returned to the throne room to face Garuda.

(11) They instead found King Steve, who threatened them. SO they did what they do best and proceeded to kill the possessed King of Coneria, much to the amusement of Garuda.

(12) Garuda proceeded to smack the heroes around some more, but this time they were propared for his tactics and managed to wear him down.

(13) As Garuda summoned a powerful demon to this world, Reis stabbed him in the back with Zion’s Dagger of Backstabbing, killing Garuda.

(14) The heroes gathered up, looted the treasury and fled into the sewers as the guards flooded in to find the dead king.

(15) Using the sewers, the heroes returned to the basement of the Inn, which was being used by the smugglers and had a safehouse to hang low in for a while, as they planned their next move.


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