Final Fantasy Z

Episode 2 - Undying Vengeance

As our practically broke heroes began walking down the road to exact vengeance, they walked by a farm where there was a dead cow just laying out by the road, stabbed to death by an unknown weapon that left hundreds of needle-like wounds in the creature.
Out of curiosity, the heroes asked what happened, and the owner; Brant Cordell, told them that some creature(s) had been coming in the night and attacking his cattle, and killed Old Bessie.
The guards don’t know what has been doing it, as it is not Imp weapons that are responsible, and whatever is doing it, seems to stab the creature to death and drain the blood.
Brant Cordell offered a reward of 60 gold if the heroes could find what was doing it, kill it, and keep his cows from being killed for 2 days.
Upon agreeing, the heroes took his advice that the creature(s) must be coming from the Old Road Forest, and headed up there.
On the road, they were ambushed by Imps, which gave them a hard time.
After clearing the Imps, the heroes raided their camp and took a quick rest, until night fall, when they began to walk back.
On the walk back at night, they were besieged by a swarm of strange twig-like creatures with needle claws tainted with a nasty poison.
After a quick skirmish, the heroes destroyed the twig creatures, and assumed it must have been them that were killing the cows, headed back to Cordell’s home, with their now two poisoned team mates; Reis and Zynh.

Hanu ran off to get help for the two injured comrades, and came back with Corkie the Healer from Coneria Town, who restored them to full strength, with no charge, due to it being a favor for Brant.
After waiting for two days, the cows seemed safe, so the heroes got their 60 gold, and moved on.

By moving on, I mean they walked down to the Llandeyr Estate and demanded an audience with the head of the family about them being kidnapped and being put in a cell.
At this time, Reis decided to talk with a patrol guard and show him the note and try to convince him to accompany them.
When the Houseguard let the heroes in, the Conerian Guard also came with.
Inside, they met with Berin Llandeyr, who brought the heroes into the house in order to dispose of them.
His plan was promptly reversed, when the heroes with the aid of the Guard, managed to fend off the Houseguards and slaughter Berin.
After wiping the blood of their blades with Berin nice clothes, the heroes went up stairs where they found the whereabouts of Coris, who was busy up in his private quarters.
They called out for him, and he stepped forth from his room, with his hands raised attempting to plea that there had been some kind of mistake.
Reis and Zynh could hear the sounds of chains rattling and bars being kicked behind the door, and made a move to open it and expose him.
Once the door was open, and every one could see the chained up, ball-gagged and caged women on the floor in the room, Coris did the only thing he could…. Show how he was actually an accomplished Black Mage and drop the fighters with a Sleep spell; but not before getting hit by one of their blades.
Being elves, Reis and Zynh were immune to the Sleep spell and continued to fight on, so Coris cast Hold on Zynh ceasing his arrow shooting.
Then it was a battle of magic as Coris launched his Poison spells into Reis, while the elf mage returned the magic barrage with his Frost spells.
It was a close battle, but Coris previous injuries gave Reis the distinct advantage, and eventually he prevailed.
With Coris down, the heroes rescued the captured girl; a White Mage named Thia.

Determined to finish what they started, the heroes went to the Llandeyr warehouse, where they found Marris in her secondary Larder having a meal.
After a brief confrontation, the heroes found they could not hurt this incorporeal monster, and it seemed there was no hope until Thia blasted the undead horror with her Channel Energy ability.
Being injured, Marris fled the warehouse, and used her intangibility to return to the collapsed mausoleum and hide in the wreckage.

After this, the heroes returned to the Inn; for which now they had taken the deed from the Estate for, and had some food and drinks and got some rest, and wondered what they would do next, or why they should stay together anyway.
It was at this time that an obnoxious drunk named Stewart showed up, and started bragging about being a great adventurer until he took an arrow in the junk, and that REAL adventurers would go to the Sunless Citadel, and they were a bunch of pussies, and tried to challenge Hanu to a fight.
Before a fight could ensue, a town guard came up and escorted Stewart away.
The heroes were curious about this Sunless Citadel he spoke of though, and asked the Guardsmen about it.
He told them that it was a place they say was the home of a dragon worship cult some thousand years ago, and that the gods must not have liked it, because it was swallowed up by the earth and is no a ruin deep in a chasm.
Some have gone in and come back and others have not, it is believed to be the home of Imps and monsters now.
Recently, a group of adventurers went into it and never came back.
The group was lead by Sir Braford and a Conerian Ranger, who took with them the Hucrele heirs; Sharwyn and Talgen.
The merchant Hucrele is offering a reward for the return of her lost children.
This perked the heroes interest, and so they went to talk with the merchant, and made a deal.
If they can return with her children(if not alive, then return their signet rings), they will each get 250 gold, and as a further deal they negotiated, they will trade the deed to the Chocobo Inn over to her, where she can make it legal, and she will have ownership of the Inn, but the heroes will have unlimited and free use of the facilities and food.
Now armed with a lucrative deal, the heroes went to the city and purchased some goods for their next adventure, into the depths of the Sunless Citadel.


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