Final Fantasy Z

Episode 5 - The Forge of Fury

Fleeing northwest to Blasingdell, the heroes find that a messenger has beaten them there on horse back, forcing the heroes to have to bypass the town and head to Stonetooth.
In the mountains, the heroes eventually found the secret dwarven stronghold in the Stonetooth mountain as the map directed them.
Inside, they found that orcs had taken to it, and made it their base.
The heroes successfully cleared the the upper levels of orcs, where they ran into Reis.
Reis had recently fled Coneria, when he found that a Brain in a Jar had taken over the Black Mage Guild and now he was being hunted down after escaping the process of being converted.
He fled northwest and by luck looked for a place to stay and hide out, and found that something had killed the orcs, and he found the entrance the heroes had taken and meet up with them.

After their reunion, the heroes continued on down into the depths, and cleared out a trogolodyte clan, and found the lost forge deep underground next to a source of raw Mako Energy.

The forge had recently been taken over by duergar, and the heroes slew the dark dwarves and gathered a note that was telling the duergar to gather materials and forge blades for the “Great Temple”.

The group even accidently freed a succubus, who warned them of the dangers further in the forge.

So, the heroes ventured forth into the darkness, where they faced Greenscar, the Young Gas Dragon.
It was a rough battle, and the heroes barely prevailed….as in it dropped Hanu and Zhel, before it was overcome by Reis, Thia and Zion.

Luck would have it, that the dragons hoard had some phoenix pinions, and they were able to get back on their feet.

They took everything they could from the treasure hoard of the dragon, and used its escape route to get out of the chasm beneath the forge.
The underwater passage took them to small lake, where they arrived at the foot of a marsh.
They found no other way to go, and so headed into the Dreaded Swamps.
Eventually, the night fell, and the heroes found themselves coming up to a tall tower on a lone pillar of land in the marsh, and the ruins of a small fort.
The tower had a glowing forcefield around it.
Legends speak of how a powerful mage once built a tower in the Dread Swamps, and he later built a small fort as a base to supply his needs for building more magical devices.

It is said he studied magic wardings, and that one day, he put up a magic barrier that none could get passed, and he never came out again.
Eventually, the wild creatures of the land overran the small fort, and it became deserted for hundreds of years.
It is said that sometimes, when a traveler coes to the tower, they can see the ghost of the wizard still trapped inside of a tower with no way in and no way out.

Now the heroes rest, with Reis very curious to find a way in.


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