Final Fantasy Z

Episode 6 - The Mysterious Tower

The heroes searched the area around the tower, and found a trapdoor in the ruins of the old barracks, that lead down into an ancient tomb.
The tomb had been there since before the tower was built, and it seemed that the wizard had integrated it into his personal stronghold.
They found four skeleton keys on the corpse of four dead mages, and eventually found a secret door into a torture chamber, which in turn had a secret tower leading down a spiraling staircase to the wizard’s dungeon.

In the dungeon, the heroes had to pass through several force field obstacles and use the skeleton keys to open the man gate.
After this, they walked the long pit trap riddled hall way, to a large open room with a trapped chest in the middle.
Once they got it open and took the key, mechanical spiders began to descend upon them, and they made a run through the door at the end of the hall, and got through a secret door to escape their pursuers.

Once inside, they found the way into the tower.
The mage who made the impenetrable wall had messed up his calculations and made the lever a little too far out, and his wall a little too small, as the on/off switch ended up outside, and he could not free himself afterwards.

The heroes opened the forcefield, releasing the wizard’s spirit, and allowing entry to the tower.
The heroes found that the place was designed to be able to live in until old age and death took you. A self cleaning bed and wardrobe. Air purifier and recycling system. An endless supply of water and tasteless food.
They also found that two creatures were trapped in some forcefields upstairs.
Thia opened one of them and the creature turned out to be a nymph that rewarded here with a nice cloak, the other creature turned out to be a quasit, and it escaped and sealed them inside the tower.
Luck would have it that Zion was not inside the tower yet, and he found the quasit while it hid, plotting to trap him as well.
But Zion made short work of the fiend, and freed his friends.
They explored the rest of the tower, and found the treasury.
They decided that the place would be a great base, but at this time, it was a bit dangerous.
Reis however, had found that the wizard was working on a way to go through the barrier.
If you have a physical conduit, you can teleport between it and the tower even if the wall is up….but only if its set before the wall goes up.
So now Reis works on making this happen.


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