Final Fantasy Z

Episode 7 - The Vethboro Dragon

After securing the tower, the heroes decided to go venture to the nearest town, which happen to be the last frontier town of Vethboro.
Vethboro made its living harvesting and selling Dark Leaf timber from the Mt.Veth region, but lately, their shipments are being taken by a band of marauding ogres and orks.
No supplies make it out or in from the south.

To make matters worse, two days earlier, Henri Fairweatherl one of the founding members of the town claimed to have seen a giant dragon, with scales as red as a crayfish, land on Mt. Veth and slither into the side of it.

The heroes decided to investigate so long as they got paid(200 gold and a horse).
Some of them thought it a hoax, due to Henri Fairweathers penchant for wearinga tinfoil hat to keep the dragon from reading his mind.
But their doubts were put to an end, when they wandered through the caverns of the mountain, and found an old and powerful Copper Dragon.
The Copper Dragon was a good dragon and wanted peace, but he also had a problem with a band of imps that kept trying to steal his hoard.
So he made a deal with the heroes to make peace with the town if they cleared out the imps.
The heroes continued on, and found little resistance, mostly workers and a skeleton crew of guards.
They also found that this band of imps were also followers of Elemental Chaos.
Soon they realized that an army of imps had already left to invade Vethboro.

The heroes made a run for the town, only to find it in the middle of a siege with at least 3 to 1 odds of imps vs the people.

As the fight pressed on, Haspaar the Copper Dragon descended to help the group, and with his help dispatched the remaining imps and saved the day.
After this battle, Haspaar made peace with the town, and became its guardian, and the heroes were rewarded.
But now they prepare to investigate the ogre bandits that have been plaguing the main roads as of late.


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