Final Fantasy Z

Episode 8 - The Mighty Tazok

The heroes left Vethboro to deal with the bandit camp to the north.
They were attacked by ogres, imps and orcs on the road, where they had recently destroyed a caravan.
Quickly dispatching their ambush, the heroes headed north and followed the wagon ruts in the swamp up into the Forbidden Forest.
It was there that they found the bandit encampment.
By this point, the heroes seemed to think themselves invincible, and charged at the bandits, tearing their ranks apart…that is, until their leader; Tazok the Ogre Mage, came forth.
With his mighty magic, he pummeled and blasted the fighters and rogue into submission, while Thia fled south.
While fleeing, Thia ran into Reis, we had been captured by some formidable bounty hunters, and was being lead to find the others.

The quickly captured and tortured Thia to reveal where the others were.
She then led the bounty hunters to the bandit camp, where she pitted the bounty hunters against Tazok, while she cast Invis and rescued the others from his tent, where he had stored them before he would take them to become part of the “Shadow Army”.
The plan was going well, until the bounty hunters finally feel to Tazok, and the heroes made a desperate run for freedom.
As the heroes fled, Reis was at the back of the group.
Tazok came after the group yelling curses, and Reis; sure he was would succeed, slowed down to taunt the beast and cast a Blind spell.
The Blind spell failed, and Tazok replied with Blizzaga, devastating Reis, and forcing the others to abandon him.
Last they could see, Tazok came over and took the injured Black Mage and carried him off.

Now, licking their wounds, the heroes must decide what they will do next.


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