Final Fantasy Z

Episode 9 - The Shadow Thieves

As the heroes prepared to make another assault on Tazok, a mysterious elf approached them and introduced himself as Kivan, and that he had been hunting Tazok for years after he had captured, tortured and killed his lover.

He told the group that Tazok could fly and assume any humanoid form he desired.
He also told them that with his camp in shambles, he changed his form and flew off with Reis to the south.
He knew that Tazok had been conspiring with a black mage named Tranzig down in Coneria, and was willing to lead the heroes there.
First however, the heroes had to get past Hightower, so they returned to Vethboro to rest a night, and prepare.
There they met Olbo, the remote reaches contact for the Shadow Thieves Guild of Coneria.
Zion made a deal to get them smuggled past and brought to Coneria where they could meet with Phyxar.
Once there, they talked with Phyxar who setup a meeting with Renal Bloodscalp, one of the guildmasters of the Shadow Thieves.
Once they spoke with Renal, he told them how they could help them find their friend and get them access to the Black Mage’s Guild, but they would have to do them a favor first.
Renal needed the group to help infiltrate another Guildmaster named Mae’Var’s group and see what treachery he is up to.

The heroes then took the letter of transfer they got from Renal, and joined Mae’Vars guild.
Soon they were doing missions for him.(Robbed Merchant Hucrele, killed the mage Ramazith, got some important documents from a merchant named Marcus, and pretended to assassinate a traitor named Embarl)
Eventually, they found the evidence they seeked, when Mae’Var’s Second in Command; Edwin Odesseiron gave them the key to Mae’Var’s safe and assisted them in toppling the treacherous Mae’Var and his plot to bring the rival Pravokan assassin’s guild; The Shadowblades. into Coneria.

In a great battle, the heroes slew Mae’Var and his Shadowblade enforcers, however Edwin did not fair so well and perished in the battle.
With the Shadow Thieves reunited after a bloody civil war, the heroes got to meet the Head Guildmaster of all the Shadow Thieves; Aran Linval.

He offered to Zion the ability to replace Mae’Var as the Guildmaster of that stronghold.
Zion accepted, and Aran told the heroes all about what they knew.
That Tranzig is the middle man to a large man named Tazok, who brings wounded men to Tranzig, and then Tranzig brings them to the White Mages Guild.
This is not abnormal, in that the White Mages Guild tends to bring in wounded and diseased people to practice and experiment on.
But the frequency of this arrangement rouses suspicion.
They also know that Reis was taken into the White Mages Guild.
The scouts say that those who go in, don’t always come out these days, and those who do, for some reason seem hard to see and leave only in the dead of night.

Now the heroes gather their supplies and ready themselves to go into the Midsummer Festival and look for their friend.


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