Final Fantasy Z

From the defeat of Garland, to Bahamut's Blessing

The heroes began a long and arduous journey.

(1) They crossed the Northern Bridge and faced a strange man in combat, who later leaped off the bridge and disappeared, saying he would return.

(2) The heroes went north towards Matoya, they stopped in the town of Dundraville before continuing. They found out the town was under the control of a gigas who was “protecting them” for ale and food, but recently he started taking gold and lumber, and then eventually he took two people and wants more.

(3) The heroes agreed to take care of the gigas. They found him in Skulltop Hill, and slew him, to discover that he was working with a wizard named Suto. Suto was trying to fulfill his fathers work and summon the great demon Frogroth, and find the Codex Illium.(a tome filled with the details of the demon world, and even the instructions to create a weapon capable of slaying them)

(4) The heroes rained down upon Suto and his lab, and destroyed everything they did not take, and freed the captured town folk. They returned to Dundraville, and after some questioning, found that the mayor’s new lover; Velasca, was the one master minding the search for the Codex, and that her search is nigh complete and everyone was going to die…and she teleported away. The heroes found her in the town crypt, slew her undead guards, stabbed her to death and took the Codex for themselves. They then got their reward and went to Matoya’s.

(5) Upon reaching Matoya’s cave, they learned why nobody bothers her….She has a small herd of golems made of iron to defend her. They asked her about their destiny, and she replied that she was now blind in all ways, due to her crystal eye being taken by someone who could cloud her sight. She recognized Zion, and referred to his as a Time Displaced Traveller, and that he knew what had to be done.

(6) The heroes went south to Pravoka and made a deal with Bikke to get a ship to Elfheim, this is where they remet Vita, the black mage pirate that was captured in the basement of the White Mage’s Guild. She gave them a ride south to Elfheim….after raiding a Kyzoku ship.

(7) Upon reaching Elfheim, the heroes had to use their role as Ambassador’s of Coneria in order to enter the port. They were told to wait in port for a day, while they ride off to get word from the Chancellor. While waiting, the heroes decided to persuade their way off the ship for a few hours, and wandered around Kakariko village. Having been there once before in the other world, Zion knew he had to go to the library and find the Book of Mudora, and then enter the crypt in Death Mountain and clear it out.

(8) Inside the crypt, the heroes faced four undead knights of Bahamut who had been placed to make a seal to stop the flow of a great evil. Inside they found a once powerful white mage of Light, who had fallen to the temptations of corruption, had opened a portal to the source of the rot of the earth, helping to spread it. The heroes slew the powerful monster, and in order to close the portal they had to sacrifice a living person…they saw that near the portal was the fresh body of a black mage who had gotten caught up by the pull of the portal while he was warping that he caught placed in front of the monster named Jax and slew. The heroes used a Pinion and raised him…just to throw him into the portal and shut it down, and they left feeling themselves the heroes.

(9) The heroes then went into the Lost Woods to seek the bandits that had been plaguing the area. They found that it was run by dark elves, and a powerful dark elf named lind the Thief was running them. Blind escaped and the heroes returned to town.

(10) After that endeavor, they were greeted by an elven escort and brought with to Elfheim, where they were brought to Chancellor Agahnim. After a brief discussion, Agahnim made the accusation that they were assassins sent by Coneria to take over the government and later invade in the current weakened state, and had them imprisoned.

(11) They found themselves in a jail under the castle, and the Princess Adlez was also there, and they conspired to escape, and escape they did. Zion picked his way out and then freed the others, they slew their keepers and found the cache with their gear and took what was theirs and escaped the dungeons. They went up to the throne room, where the Princess showed them the secret way out. They followed the secret passage for miles, until they reached a door that went to the back of a church of Light in the southern port town of Eolis.

(12) The Priest of the Temple was more than willing to help the Princess and the heroes, and offered to take care of the Princess while the heroes gathered the Pendants of Power, Wisdom and Courage in order to obtain the Master Sword, the only thing that can stop the evil Dread Aeon Ganon, who the Chancellor was seeking to summon with the sacrifice of the Princess.

(13) The heroes proceeded to travel around Hyrule escorted by an elven warrior named Faxanadu. They traveled first to the northwest, and to the Forest Temple in the Lost Woods, then to Lake Hylia and it’s dungeon. While in these dungeons, the heroes found two of the pendants, a magic bow of the hero, and two of the three Hero’s Magic, Faore’s Wind, and Nayru’s Love.

(14) The heroes arrived at Castle Daventry where they met with King Graham, who said he lost his kingdom to the evil wizard Mordack and his brothers, all of which are Pisco Demons, all of who worked together to take the kingdom into a crystal ball and stole the magic crown of Daventry. They reside in the marshes to the south in the ruins of Myth Drannor.

(15) The heroes traveled south to the ruins and journeyed under ground and faced the Pisco Demons. A terrible battle was had, and the heroes nearly perished, but Faxanadu held strong and kept the heroes alive until they could win. After they won and got the crown, they realized it was the crown of Elfheim, and Zion knew that this was a plot to get it from them when they returned to Daventry, since it had happened in the last time cycle. Outside the chamber, the heroes end up in a fight with a powerful dark elf assassin, and knew that the rest of the way out was filled with dark elves, so Zion used Farore’s Wind to escape back to Lake Hylia.

(16) From Lake Hylia, the heroes then traveled to the Eastern Palace to find the last pendant and the last of the Hero’s Magic. Deep inside they found the last pendant, and Zion gained the power of Din’s Fire.

(17) After this, the heroes returned to Eolis to find that the Princess had been taken by the Chancellor’s men and some members of SOLDIER. The heroes went to the west to the Temple of Time to recover the Master Sword. They traveled deep into a massive labyrinth carved out by the dwarves millienia ago. At the bottom of the pit, the heroes faced a massive monster and its brood called the Dodongo. After slaying the horrible monster, they found themselves being attacked by Blind and his band. The heroes scattered the band, and Blind ran away. Zion approached the sword, and had to face his Shadow Self. Triumphant, Zion claimed the Master Sword, and the heroes left the dungeon, ready to face Agahnim.

(18) The heroes then marched north, where they ran into Cyquis and Harlin of Winter Company; an elite group of SOLDIER. The heroes had a rough time, but they managed to force Cyquis on the run, and they killed Harlin. After this, they proceeded to enter Elfheim. Zion persuaded the guard to let him in to stop the evil by presenting the Master Sword and the Pendants.

(19) They invaded the castle, facing the strange man once more on the bridge, he declared himself to be Gilgamesh, and that he had been fighting Zion across dimensions many times. Defeating him, Gilgamesh leaped from the bridge saying he would be back.

(20) The heroes continued to storm the castle, they made their way through throngs of elven warriors, only to be pushed aside. They came before the main chamber where Agahnim stood with the Princess upon an altar. In a flash of light, the Princess vanished. Agahnim laughed at the heroes and told them that Ganon would now return. Hanu and Zhel immediately attacked Agahnim, they hurt him mortally, but he got off his spell, and a group of shadow selves appeared and blasted the group down. Zion saw it coming and snuck away as the spells went off, and crept up on Agahnim and stabbed him with the “Mage Masher”, silencing him as he slit his throat.

(21) On top of the castle top, the Dread Aeon Gannon returned. The heroes leaped upon him before he could regain his power, pushing him into the corner, punishing him for simply existing. After mauling him to a blood y pile, Zion fire the SIlver Arrow in to Gannon, destroying his body, sending him back to the land of Espers. The Princess reappeared, and the heroes brought her back inside safely, and spent the next week helping rebuild Elfheim and protect the Princess.


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