Final Fantasy Z


By different roads you have all come to the same fate.
Each of you traveling alone to the City of Coneria, had stopped at the Chocobo Inn.
At night, each of you lay down and awoke to find yourself blindfolded and gagged, chained by your wrists to a cold stone wall.
You had been stripped of all your belongings, and wore hardly the what could be called rags.
You could hear the muffled complaints and clinking chains of other prisoners, and you each were visited by a fearful presence that would draw near and grasp at your very soul, wrenching pieces of it away with a slobbering cry of joy.
How long you have languished in your cell, visited only by the gluttonous being that uses your spirit for food, you cannot say.

This monotony of horror was recently ended, however.
The chilling spirit had come to feed again, but as it slavered over you, there was a tremendous crash that almost shook loose your teeth.
In an otherworldly, feminine voice you heard it speak for the first time, “What has strayed into my larder, I wonder?”
Suddenly, it was gone, and the cell shuddered as the wall behind you buckled and split.
With a metallic clatter, the chains have fallen to the floor.
You are still blindfolded, manacled, and gagged, but free to move.


ElWardoLoco ElWardoLoco

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