Final Fantasy Z

Episode 1 - The Black Larder

The Adventure Begins

Having removed their gags and blindfolds, the heroes searched their whereabouts and realized they were in a crypt of some sort.
In the room was a table with a lantern and a set of keys. Next to the table was a man who was also a prisoner.
While the group was getting their barrings, the man by the table grabbed the keys, unchained himself and started to run off with the keys.
The fighters called out for him to stop, and when he wouldn’t, they proceeded to stop him by force.
When he would not comply, they savagely beat him to death with their manacles.
After this, the heroes unchained themselves, and decided to work together in order to escape.
As they explored, they found behind a door, the bard; Nunsod Llandeyr who was playing at the Chocobo Inn the night they were abducted.
He had set the floor with caltrops and assaulted the party, referring to them as food.
After a quick skirmish, the heroes slew the wily bard, and raided his corpse for what they could find.
Continuing on through the dark corridors, the heroes found an iron gate, beyond it was their gear.
With much effort, the fighters were able to bend the bars just enough so the thief could slip through and gather their things.
The thief’s curiosity nearly got the better of him, when he noticed a tomb door, and decided to see what was inside.
He found it was the crypt of Marris; the spirit that had been feeding on them, and when he entered, the newly dead bard rose from the ground as a shade guarding the tomb.
With quick action the thief escaped, and continued to get the heroes their gear.
Fully geared up, the heroes found the way upstairs and out of the crypt, but in their way were a bunch of tomb raiders; the reason the loud crash happened and why their escape was possible.
The heroes managed to kill two of the thugs, but the archer in their group escaped them.
Following the archers lead, the heroes ran out into the fresh air and night sky, just as the mausoleum collapsed behind them.
Now the heroes are bent on vengeance and bringing those responsible to either justice or to the end of their blade.


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