*PC - Hanü

Slayer of the Dead.

Fighter/KnightLevel 13/8
225406 EXP

HP – 352

Neutral Good

STR- 21
DEX- 15
CON- 21
INT- 13
WIS- 13
CHA- 14

FORTITUDE +34 (38 vs spells)
REFLEX +28 (32 vs spells)
WILL +31 (35 vs spells)

Two-Weapon Fighting
Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
Improved Knockdown
Weapon Focus(Longsword)
Weapon Specialization(Longsword)
Epic Weapon Focus(Longsword)
Epic Damage Reduction 6/-
RAGE 8x Day

Discipline – 17 Ranks
Heal – 12 Ranks
Intimidate – 5 Ranks
Lore – 11 Ranks
Ride – 1 Rank
Spellcraft 23 Ranks
Taunt – 2 Ranks
Tumble – 12 Ranks

God Slayer”, +4 Longsword of Deicide"
“Ice Brand” +5 Longsword of Frostguard;
“Ancient King’s Armor” +4 Cold Steel Full Plate, +5 vs Undead, Outsiders, Fey, and Elementals. Resist Cold 10/-

Knight Powers
Can cast cantrips: Minor Cure, Lesser Shell, Lesser Dia and Light
Can also cast Lvl 1-4 White Magic
Divine Grace
Divine Health
Lay on Hands
Smite Evil 4x day
Channel Energy
Aura of Courage
Inspire Courage
Heroic Shield
Rallying Cry
Summon Kirin

Dragonborn Powers
FUS RO DAH – Your Voice is raw power, pushing aside anything – or anyone – who stands in your path.
FO KRAH DIIN – Your breath is winter, your Thu’um a blizzard.
YOL TOOR SHUL – Inhale air, exhale flame, and behold the Thu’um as inferno.
RAAN MIR TAH – A Shout for help from the beasts of the wild, who come to fight in your defense.

Belmont/Bernades Powers
Visions and Intuition

A specialist warrior armed with dual Longsword, a foreigner from lands far West across the mountains.
Hanü, is young and impulsive, but strong and deft. Often times quiet, and reserved.
Born in Melmond a land far West suffering from a terrible rot and a rising undead threat.

Name: Hanü Julius Belmont
Gender: Male
Height: 5’11
Weight: 210 lbs (solid muscle mass)
Hair: Light brown with a tinge of blonde, past his shoulders, worn in a ponytail.
Dominant Hand :Ambidextrous
Identifying Marks: Horizontal cut (knife scar) above left brow, Tattoo of the Nights Watch sigil as well as rank (Lord Commander) on his left shoulder.
Additional info about Hanü:
Hanü, has a agile mind, he taught himself Algebra and many types of number patterns, he has exhibited that he can play music by ear with little formal training, exampled when as a child he taught himself many campfire songs on the flute and small harp.

It was revealed that his birthright is that of the Dragonborn; one with the power to steal the souls of dragons and speak their Words of Power; the Thu’um.

After a confrontation with Doan of SOLDIER, he had his left eye torn and gouged out.

He knows several bird and animal calls.
Despite his fairly grim attitude, he has a deep sense of affection and care towards those he
fights with; born from the battlefield, expression tends to be difficult.

He is known for his bursts of focused rage, primarily from the undead.
He is very fond of Thia, the White Sage of the group, recently having acted on these feelings.
He is not entirely trustful of Zion outside a fight.
He has a deep respect for Zhel’s prowess on the battlefield, though he finds his morality questionable.



*PC - Hanü

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