Marris Llandeyr

A horrible undead abomination.


This creature has spent the last couple weeks feasting on the heroes very souls for sustenance. The heroes only know old stories about her. That in her mortal life, she would use magic to seduce her way into the good graces of wealthy men, only to murder them and seize their fortunes. When her crimes were discovered, the other members of the Llandeyr family, fearing scandal, sealed Marris up prematurely in her crypt.

She has since returned as an incorporeal undead known as a “Gaunt”. A spirit that drains the life of its victims in order to prolong its own existence.
Marris gaunt1


She was found out in the Llandeyr warehouse, where the heroes did battle with her. After taking damage from the White Mages’ Channel Positive Energy power, she fled and is currently on the loose.

Marris Llandeyr

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