*PC - Zhel

Tall. Scary lookin'. Eyes are a striking shade of blue.


Fighter/KnightLevel 19/2
226883 EXP

HP – 298

True Neutral

STR- 28 (40 w/ gear)
DEX- 14
CON- 17
INT- 14
WIS- 10
CHA- 9

WILL +18

Mounted Combat
Improved Expertise
Weapon Focus: Bastard Sword
Weapon Specialization: Bastard Sword
Improved Critical (Bastard Sword)
Called Shot
Dev. Crit w/ Bastard Sword

Discipline – 24 Ranks
Intimidate – 21 Ranks
Listen – 2 Ranks
Spot – 3 Ranks
Ride – 18 Ranks
Taunt – 24 Ranks
Tumble – 10 Ranks

“Sword of Light”, +5 Bastard Sword of Evil Bane.
“Drow Tower Shield +5”, +5 Tower Shield
MJOLNIR Mark IV Power Armor”. +4 SPARTAN DarkOps Power Armor.

Limit Breaks
Zhel-Slash – Single Attack that always hits and casts Paralyze on the target
*Current Power: Xd8 + (StrMod *2) * 2 DC: 15 + lvl/2 + StrMod; 21d8 + 36(80) DC:34
*Damage Range: 57-204, (101-248); Average Damage: 120; (164)

Zhel-Blast – Attack that hits multiple enemies surrounding Zhel, causes massive damage.
*Current Power: Xd6 + (StrMod * 2) DC: 15 + lvl/2 + StrMod; 21d6 + 18(40) DC:34
*Damage Range: 39-144, (61-166); Average Damage: 81 (103)

Zhel-Storm – A concentrated assault that makes Zhel faster and dealier, but at the expense of defense.
*Current Power: Lasts 5 rounds; Benefits: +3 attacks per round. +5 to hit, +5 to damage, +80% Movement Speed Increase. Drawbacks: -5 AC, +25% to Physical Damage Received, Increased Spell Failure(50%)
*Damage Range: N/A; Average Damage: N/A;

Knight Powers
Divine Grace
Divine Health
Lay on Hands
Smite Evil 1x day
Channel Energy
Aura of Courage

Zhel possesses a small amount of magic from Bahamut’s Blessing, preferring to focus on martial combat instead.
He can cast the following cantrips: Minor Cure, Lesser Shell, Light, Lesser Dia
Level 1 White Magic


Self-possessed and unflappable. He doesn’t care to talk about himself. When pressed, he will be flippantly evasive or just outright ignore the question.

He’s shown himself to be sharp, quick witted, and quite mercenary. He is abrasive in all situations, except when engaged with someone whom he is, or could be, working for.

…But what’s with those weird eyes?

*PC - Zhel

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