God Slayer

A magical blade that could cut the hand of God.

weapon (melee)

+4 Longsword, +6 vs Outsiders, +6 vs Undead, +1d12 Divine Damage; +2d8 Divine Damage vs Outsiders; +3d8 Positive Energy Damage vs Undead; +6 AC vs Outsiders and Undead; Enlight Weapon – Unlimited Uses; Diara 3x day, NulAll 2x day.

Formerly, this weapon was called “Wight Slayer” and was found by Hanu in the Sunless Citadel, entombed in a sarcophagus with the Cursed Dragon Priest.


Unknown to them was the complex origin of the weapon.
Long ago, the weapon was forged in the heart of a star by Lord Vulcan, by the request of Cosmos during the First Chaos War.

The blade could easily slay a god, but it could only be used by mortal hands.

The weapon was used by the Champions of Cosmos and aided them in defeating Chaos in that time.

But during the Second Chaos War, Lolth managed to steal the weapon in her hopes to slay the gods for supremacy. She discovered too late that the magics of the artifact prevented gods from wielding it, and her nature would not allow her to trust anyone enough to wield its power for her, so she attempted to destroy the artifact.

She managed to pull away most of the weapons power, and hold it inside a Pool of Shadow, and splinter it up and hold it.

However, the blade itself still remained potent against the unliving (which are immortal and are thus a bane of the sword that kills immortals). The Champions of Bahamut managed to reclaim the blade, but not its full power; and return to the mortal world.

In the lands that would one day become Coneria; the great Temple that would one day become the Sunless Citadel, was built and run by the Order of Cosmos, with Bahamut as its patron.

For centuries, the knights protected the blade deep inside its halls, until a great sinkhole opened up and swallowed the temple up.

Now the heroes have restored the power of the great blade, by placing Wight Slayer into the filled Pool of Shadow, and allowing the sword to break the Shadow Planes hold on the power and restore its true potential to slay Lolth.

God Slayer

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