Final Fantasy Z

Episode 4 - Grim Fate

As the heroes begin to get ready for their next adventure, Zion goes at the advice of Elvin, and finds the representative of the Thieves Guild; which he also attempted to steal from.
Being caught in the act, Zion was coerced into performing an act of larceny fro the guild to be on good terms, and had to switch some papers in Ariel the Black Mage’s ledger.
Working with Zhel as his front man, Zion slipped into the bedroom and changed the numbers, earning some respect from Phyxar; the leader of the Town Branch of the Thieves Guild.

After this little endeavor, the group got together and headed north.
A great hailstorm greeted them as they arrived in Hightower Trading Post, so they took shelter for the night at the Inn.
As they stayed at the inn, they found that the latest shipment of booze from McTavish was a week late, and the place was bone dry.
The patrons were quite upset and started a brawl, that the heroes had to breakup.
Seeing their use, the innkeeper decided to hire the heroes to go to McTavish and get the booze and he would pay them 150 gold for it.
Before they could leave, a lightning bolt stuck the rock on the Hightower face, revealing a pathway that rats spilled out from.
The heroes went to investigate, and found that it lead to an ancient beastial humanoid crypt that some bugbears were getting into and planning on making a base at.
The heroes cleared the place and told the guards before heading to McTavish.

At Old McTavish’s Distillery, they found that the workers had become zombies, and that the Old Man McTavish had died and come back as one himself after buying and using some “special” fertilizer. The heroes spoke with the son, Roman McTavish, and he offered them a reward for taking care of his father and the animals that were infected.
The heroes did this, but then they decided that the Fertilizer had to be destroyed and that the whole place must be contaminated.
With this thought, the heroes began to burn the barn to the ground, along with the journals and evidence to support their claim.
Roman went into hysterics as they burned his barn down and proceeded to burn his crops as well.
The old widow McTavish came out crying about what was happening as well, and began to have a heart attack from the stress.
Thinking she might turn into a zombie, Hanu stabbed her in the head with his Wight Slayer, while her son held her in his arms.
In a panic, Roman attacked Hanu with a dagger, to which Hanu knocked him out with his fists.
The heroes then burned all of the estate to the ground and took Roman to Hightower to be treated.
Soon the Captain of the Guard; Dallas the Axe, came out to speak with them.
The heroes told him their side of the story, to which he asked if they had warrants, authorization or any evidence to support their claims.
They had none.
Dallas told them they were under arrest for Murder, Arson, Destruction of Property, Assault and Battery.
The heroes did not surrender, and it ended in a fight, and the heroes escaping Hightower and making a run for the hills.
What will our heroes do now?


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